Neversink Unique Area Historic Tour

Saturday, June 29th, 2024 - 10am-12pm

Neversink River Unique Area
754 Katrina Falls Rd
Rock Hill, NY

Join Trail Conference volunteers to learn the history of this 1800s logging community at the end of Katrina Falls Road, Rock Hill, on the beautiful Neversink River. Known through the 1920s as Hackeldam, it housed small farms, a vineyard, and the 'very fine home' of the local lumber baron. Later it was notorious as a wild place of mystery and a destination for hunters and fishermen.

Please register to hike through history with us. After the 90-minute, 1.5 mile tour, you can return to parking or continue on the extensive gorge trails to three waterfalls and more views of the Neversink River.

Please be aware that there is spotty cell service, no bathrooms, and no garbage cans at the trailhead. The beginning of the hike is a moderate descent with some loose stones so we recommend walking sticks for participants who’d like more stability. Be sure to register to receive updates and changes.

When: Saturday, June 29th from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Where: Neversink River Unique Area
754 Katrina Falls Rd
Rock Hill, NY

Rain Date: Sunday, June 30th, 10am-12pm

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